About us

MustanHost Company is one of the latest hosting providers in the world. We opened at the end of 2019, and in such a short period we have already managed to achieve certain results. Our team has more than 30 people, each of whom is truly passionate about our common cause, and is committed to the result.

Our goal

The main goal of our company is to provide high-quality hosting in the UK at balanced prices and excellent conditions and service. Our latest servers with NVMe SSD technology solve the problem of slow loading and instability. You no longer have to deal with such problems, so we will provide you and your projects with fast loading and stable 24/7 operation.

Customer Attitude

We care about you, and constantly monitor the status of our servers. Every day we backup all servers to help you in any situation and return your site to working condition. Our technical support works around the clock. We also help to ensure relocation to our hosting, and compensate you for the paid period from other providers.