If you create sites, specialize in their promotion, or simply have an audience that you can talk about providing shared hosting, then you have a great opportunity to get additional profit. Join our hosting referral program and get up to 30% of any service paid by your referral in any convenient way.

Comprehensive Benefit

Choose useful features for yourself and for your audience. We provide not only affordable shared hosting, but also a secure flexible cloud for actively developing projects.

Benefits of a Referral Program

Get a stable percentage of the services purchased by referrals, without reducing it when they are renewed.
The size of the transfer is up to 30% of the cost of the service paid by the referral, as well as from any payment or extension made by him.
For users of the cloud service, the transfer size is 10%, which is extremely beneficial for our partners.
Average translation size

The volume of services provided varies for users of shared hosting and the cloud. The average check for the former is 80 £, while the latter spend 160 £. As a result, you can count on profits for the first year from one referral ranging from 900 to 2300 £, which in the end is an extremely advantageous offer.

Other reasons to become our partner

We are ready to advertise your resource through special windows where we recommend developers as well as professionals in the field of website promotion. Moreover, everything is carried out free of charge.
We are ready to provide you with free shared hosting, however this is not possible due to bureaucratic problems. For this reason, we give the maximum possible discount of 30% for our partners.
We consider not only registered customers who clicked on your referral link. The data received from your client is enough, the rest is taken over by the service staff.

It is worth considering that only legal entities and individual entrepreneurs can participate in the referral program.

How to become a partner

  1. Register on the site
  2. After registration you will receive your referral link
  3. You can post it on your website or provide it to your customers
  4. After someone signs up for your link and pays for hosting services, you will be charged a percentage of the order

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