This term refers to a specific virtual territory to which the site is linked. Each such area is called a domain. The functioning of the entire system is provided through DNS, which is a domain name system. They, in turn, provide an opportunity to break down Internet sites by addresses and Internet resources placed on them. As a result, the form of addressing becomes much more understandable for the average person.

Within a single site, the domain name is the personal address of your resource. It can consist of characters in the Latin alphabet, as well as numbers. A hyphen can be used for staking. Each such combination should be different from any other, so before choosing a domain name you need to find out whether it is free or not.

Domain Name Registration Process

The process of registering a domain is a procedure for assigning an Internet address to a specific person or legal entity. At the same time, it is tied to a specific domain zone belonging to any state.

To go through the registration procedure, you need to contact the domain name registrar, deposit money for the provision of the service, find out about the free name, and then leave the appropriate application. Upon completion of registration, the domain becomes available within a few minutes. To use the name, you need to delegate the DNS server.

Checking a free domain name

To check the availability of a domain name, just go to the appropriate tab on our website. This function becomes available after registration on the resource. If the domain is free, you will get the opportunity to register it. It can be carried out after authorization and payment of a domain name through a convenient money transfer system. After that, the rights to use the domain pass to you.

Our advantages

Working with us gives you the opportunity to get a lot of advantages over cooperation with other companies. The most important of them are:

The shortest time of registration of a domain name with the possibility of round-the-clock activation of the process;

  • A large number of proposed domain zones;
  • Automatic domain registration and renewal procedures;
  • Ability to flexibly change domain settings;
  • Availability of alerts about actions with a domain name;
  • Reasonable prices.

How to choose a good domain name

Good sounding of a domain name can significantly increase traffic to your site. Try to choose a name that will symbolize the company’s activities or its name. Consider the shortest and most memorable options. You can use a combination of characters from the Latin alphabet and Cyrillic in the domains for the CIS countries. Avoid ambiguity in the name, and also check the freedom of consonant names and register them to protect against fraudulent activities.

How to register a domain name
To register a domain name, it is enough to check the desired name for the fact of its availability and leave a corresponding application on our website. Within a few minutes it will be processed, after which you will receive the domain at your complete disposal.